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Unlicensed Agent - Health First Fast Track

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Welcome to our Unlicensed Agent - Health First Fast Track course. This course is designed to guide you through getting your state Life and Health insurance license. Inside the course you will get step-by-step guidance through everything you will need to be prepared for your state exam. Included in one of these steps is a coupon code to gain access to the XCEL pre-exam study course. This course is $199 normally online but your code will make it free to you. Once you have your state license you will then have access to the second part of your training course the "Licensed Agent - New Agent Onboarding". This part of the training is designed to help new agents learn everything they need to know in JUST 1 WEEK! This allows you, the new agent, to start making money as soon as possible. You will also get the opportunity to learn about The Garland Method, a method that was designed uniquely for this course. We feel extremely responsible to help you realize financial success! It is CRUCIAL that you set aside 3-4 hours per day this week to comprehend and master all the product knowledge, sales skills and scripts you will need to know to help families when you start working with your very first clients!



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